Hyper-personalized Emails

to deliver personalized experiences to your customers

Personalize your email to make it unique. Using Hyper Personalized Emails, you can give your content a personalized and engaging feel for your audience.

Hyper-personalized Emails

Create Highly-personalized Content

With highly tailored content blocks, make a difference in your clients' inboxes.

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automate emails

Automate Emails

Easy and quick to automate any type of email from welcome, order confirmation to greeting. Automate eMails feature increases subscribers as well as conversions.

personalize content

Personalize Content

Connect with your audience more deeply with personalized content in your emails. Generate Personalized Content to meet varied audiences and catch their interests.

dynamic content blocks

Dynamic Content Blocks

Personalize a block of your email so that just a selected  people can see it. Dynamic Content Blocks allows you to choose which audience groups will be able to see the block.

What is Hyper-Personalized Emails?

Hyper-Personalized Emails is the process of tailoring email content to individual users. It involves recognizing an individual's preferences, interests, and habits, and then using that information to present them with content that is tailored to their tastes. A personalized email message will have a customized subject line, body text, graphics or pictures, and even offers based on user interests. Because it is so personalized to the recipient's preferences, it can be more effective at grabbing their attention than a "template" message might be.

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