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Email personalization software for your business needs

  • Create interactive video and images for email campaigns.

  • Deliver personalized email content using real-time data.

  • Attracts visitors' attention and boosts conversions.

  • Integrate interactive and personalised videos into personalised landing pages to increase conversions.

best personalization software

Personalized Images

Increase your conversions using dynamic layers to your images.

personalized images
custom image

Custom Image

You can add default text to show up for subscribers missing data. You can also customize your font and text style with advanced options.

unlimited possibilities

Unlimited Possibilities

The merge tags that you have in your email service provider are a great way to provide a personalized experience.

flexible dimensions

Flexible Dimensions

Set image dimension according to your requirements with Flexible Dimensions. It helps to create responsive images that display seamlessly on any device.

built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Custom create your email template meeting the changing needs of your business with Built-in templates. Helps to easily select and send emails with the built-in template features.

property editor

Property Editor

Create enticing and high-resolution images with the Property Editor feature of Personalized Images. Catch the attention of more audience and generate more leads with excellent Property Editor.

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Personalized Videos

Create customized videos at scale with individual customer data, such as name, logo, and site screenshots.

personalized videos
upload video

Upload Video

Upload your business, promotional or brand videos seamlessly in emails when running campaigns or promotions. Supported with advanced technology, video uploading is simple and easy.

dynamic text

Dynamic Text

Increase conversions with dynamic text included in your personalized videos. Generate any type of text in your videos and increase engagement.

embed on your mail

Embed on Your Mail

Embed videos to your email without any hassles. Increase page views and leads with personalized videos running into your emails.

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Hyper Personalized Emails

Send tailored emails based on a user's data, such as their location, demographics, and previous interactions with the company, to meet the customer's specific needs.

hyper personalized emails
automate emails

Automate Emails

Automate various types of personal emails including personal remainders, welcome series, onboarding emails, order confirmation, and birthday/festive greetings. Increase your subscribers with feature of hyper-personalized emails.

personalize content

Personalize Content

Make your emails more personal by creating audience customized content. Give them exactly what they want and increase your conversions.

dynamic content blocks

Dynamic Content Blocks

Shoot an email to your subscribers, but personalize a block for selected ones to view that section. With Dynamic Content Blocks, you can choose who can see the block a specific group of recipients who match your criteria.

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Media Library

Store and access the extensive library to build customized campaigns.

media library
upload image

Upload Image

Attach, insert or upload image from anywhere or anytime easily. Simple to retrieve images instantly for marketing promotions.

pre-built sales email templates

Pre-Built Sales Email Templates

To meet to your exact sales needs, choose from the Pre-Built Sales email templates to pull in more sales and increase revenue.

accepts all formats

Accepts all formats

Manage huge bulk of multimedia files of any format easily without any hassles. With Accept All Formats functionality, it is possible to accept any format file for generating leads.

Find out more about Media Library

Message Timers

Build personalized countdown timers for time-sensitive campaigns.

message timers
create urgency

Create Urgency

Easy to upload multiple images at a go. Upload, crop or edit images according to your email marketing requirements to generate more leads.

dynamic timer

Dynamic Timer

Manage huge bulk of multimedia files of any format easily without any hassles. With accept all formats functionality, it is possible to accept any format file for generating leads.

background image

Background Image

Edit, modify, or create new background images or labels with the Background Image feature. It is simple, quick, and easy to change and update background images to catch user attention.

Find out more about Message Timers


Customize with multiple text variables, dynamic images, personalized charts and more.

dynamic text

Dynamic Text

For hyper-personalized email content, add dynamic text layers over the pictures in your email that include merge tags: first name, job title, custom link, or any data point from the database.

dynamic images

Dynamic Images

To catch your recipient's attention and improve interaction, add a dynamic overlay over your basic image using dynamic text or a dynamic corporate logo.

user attributes

User Attributes

Set user attributes to establish the ownership of images or email templates. Whether you want to share or take control of your unique brand image, this feature helps you leave the mark.

custom message

Custom Message

Write or edit messages in your signature style to catch your audience’s attention. With excellent custom message feature of personalise, catch more leads.

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